Data Guidelines

The Data Futures Partnership have created A Path to Social Licence: Guidelines for Trusted Data Use to help organisations build trust around their data use.

The Guidelines apply to lawful data use and will not affect existing legal requirements.

The draft Guidelines provide a way for organisations to be transparent about what they want to do with data, in a way that is easy to understand. Individuals and communities can consider the plan and decide whether or not their trust has been earned.

The Guidelines list the eight questions that matter most to New Zealanders. The Guidelines include guidance on how to answer those questions in a manner that is best suited to building trust. The Guidelines also provide advice on when organisations may need the additional step of active community engagement.

Building the trust of communities requires data collection and use to meet all legislative or ethical requirements; such as the Privacy Act 1993, or and Code of Consumer Rights for Health and Disability Services. Seeking and maintaining social acceptance is in addition to, and depends upon, meeting requirements.

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Data Dial

Our engagement with New Zealanders told us what features of data use matter most.

For people to feel comfortable about a proposed data use, they first need good information on eight key questions that we have grouped under the headings Value, Protection and Choice.

Work through the eight key questions to create your own Transparent Data Use Dial and let people know how you will use their data in an easy and transparent way.

If you’d like to know more on the background of the Guidelines please visit our research page.

Organisation answers the eight key questions about data use (proposed or current)

Build your dial

Is there sufficient Value, Protection & Choice?


Does the data use have one or more of these features

It's novel for community it affects

Has a substantial impact on Whānau, hapū, iwi or Māori communities

Has a substantial impact on low trust communities

Reconsider data use

Can you answer the 8 key questions in a better way?


Engagement with affected communities

Sufficient Community Acceptance

Create your dial


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